Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm in Europe!!

Hello Friends!

How strange it is to write a blog and not be at TLC!
I am at the moment sitting in Thomas and Anke Lauff's lovely home, cozy and happy to be able to avoid the chilly wet weather outside!
It's like home away from home actually because from all the news I get it seems to still be cloudy and rainy at home too, the only difference is that it is hot - like being in the tropics! Most unusual for Johannesburg!

With the children back at school I am so happy I was able to leave Mommy with some great mainhouse volunteers to help keep everybody moving forward!

For me it has been a special time. Seeing our TLC babies growing, so many of them starting school and acheiving new things. It has been wonderful. My trip started in Holland (a fabulous experience and I am so grateful to everyone!) and I made my first television appearance on a popular television program called Heart of Holland.

Here is the 3 min video clip!

It turns out TLC has been on a few international stations. Here is one done during the World cup for ARABIC nations! Anyone who can tell me what they are saying? I would be happy to know!
Hope it's nice!

Love you all

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Display from the holidays

Hi friends!

I thought I would show you some of the great pics taken during our December / January Summer Holidays. The tell a great story of what we get up to around here! Enjoy!

Feeding Time!

Jesse helping

pack donations!

Creepies having
a picnic!


We had a leaky pipe ~
a really leaky pipe!

Superman had to be taught how to fly by someone - right?

Two little ladies, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere! 






Fun time For Volunteers!

We Love you all!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My holiday!


I thought I would give you a little report back on the holiday I took last week. As many of you know, holidays come far to infrequently around here and so it was a very special treat to be able to go away for the week of my birthday!

I love the African bush and wanted to share that with my kids so we went up to the Kruger National Park.
The photo above is a view from the Long Tom Pass, the area is largely used for the cultivation of pine.

We stayed at a little resort called Aan de Vliet, a family run establishment that was very hospitable and who have lovely staff.

We rented a small chalet that lies along a river and took two day trips into the park. We spent the rest of the time just hanging out by the pool and being together.

Here are some pics of what we got up to.

Matthew and Ruthi were the first to spot an animal in the Park, in fact it was not one but a herd of about 100 Cape water buffalo - one of Africa's Big Five.

Jerome just loved everything about the
holiday. He sat right up front when
we were driving through the park,
and honestly, chatted and
chatted until I thought I would go crazy!

We spent the evening the night before making little foam hats from a kit we got for Christmas, the kids had fun and used as many sticky bits as they could to fill them up.

Little Ruthi scraped her big toe and it bled a little. True to her dramatic nature she made quite an effort to let me know just how bad it was. She covered the toe with a wet wipe, grabbed her bottle, threw her arm over her head and then... dozed off!
Elephants were in abundance and we saw a lot of great things. In one incident three young bulls were rough housing right next to the road and very nearly smacked into some nearby vehicles who had stopped to watch the herd. We were just too late to capture it because they all dashed off into the bush.

The temperature in that area was 38.7 degrees Celscius in the shade! And the humidity was very high too so poor little Ruthi got a heat rash on her face. In this picture you can just about see the rash. Here Matthew had told her she had a beautiful double chin and that she should show it off!

Thank you to everyone for seeing us through to this new year. We pray it is a better one than last and ask for God's blessing on all of your lives.

Love you all