An introduction!

Well, Hello World ... are you ready for us?

Family portrait 2011
Ruth, Nadia, Mbali, Jerome,Sibu,Christian,similo, Mighty, James, Matthew, MOM

It is my great pleasure to announce that the World Wide Web is being overrun by Jarvis’ at last!

We at TLC have decided to ride on the coat tails of our brothers’ success  Jesse and Kieran at have taken the world by storm. The weekly reports of the antics at TLC through the eyes of our twin brothers have encouraged some of us to follow suit.

You can read a few different accounts of our crazy life at TLC on the blogspots I have listed at the top of the blog.

For those that don’t know, I am Big sister to most, Mother to 9 and Bossy in equal amounts to everyone!

I have been with TLC since it all began in 1993, being 16 at the time meant finishing school and my B.A(ed) before I could say I was truly “full-time” at TLC. It has been and continues to be to the life I was destined to live. Every day, every moment, I get to do what I was born to do – a privilege few people seem to have.

Over the years I have learned so much, I have been a part of so much and I have loved and been loved so much that even this great WWW could not adequately hold it. It is my hope with this blog that, those of you who are interested, will be able to get a glimpse of what life is like here, of what our days look like and the sorts of things we deal with regularly.

I will begin on a personal note, by introducing you to me and my own children and I expect over time there will be lots of references to my siblings, my mother (who is my best friend) and of course the myriad of visitors, volunteers and friends we meet here everyday.

So ...about me. I am 33years old this year, I am busy completing a Certificate on Social Entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute of Business studies. I would love to have more time to read, write and enjoy the occasional DVD but  ... I have 5 adopted boys (Matthew,11. James,8. Mighty,6. Christian, almost 5. Jerome,4.) I have 1 fostered daughter (Ruth, 18months) and 3 boys in temporary placement with me until we find adoptive families for them (ages 5, 3 and 3). This plus the rest of my family does not leave a whole lot of time to do things you “just feel like”.

We live (and work) in the same house as my mother, Thea, and all my adopted siblings so things are always noisy, always busy and invariably there is always a crises to deal with somewhere.

Our house is on a 24 acre agricultural holding that we are developing into a self sustainable food producing farm. Our big dream is to show that it is possible for an organisation the size of ours, and doing what we do, to function off of the national grid!

I thought It might be helpful to show a kind of “family tree”, I figured it would help make things clearer, but when I started trying to draw it ... b – l – a – h! What a mission! I do, simply, NOT have great skills where that sort of “analytical” or systems thinking skill is needed, that’s better left to my sister Joanna – she loves that sort of thing.

This was my sorry attempt!

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am in my crazy corner of the world.

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