Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Hello Friends

So my mother has this saying that she likes to say ... I can't remember who coined it but the profundity of it hits home every now and then.
It goes like this: "Life at its best ... is still terribly sad"
Look at those beauties above ... aren't they georgeous? I just love them so much. My heart quickens, my breath catches and my eyes well with tears from the depth of the emotion that looking at them brings. With every joy, every wonder and every miracle there is this little haze of tragedy that seems to hang around. It's the bit that makes you sigh.
By now the whole world has heard of our heartbreak. Mom wrote it so eloquently in the latest newsletter but the writing of it is one dimension of something that is so deep and permeating everyone is walking around with that "sigh" ing feeling.
Our Nest has not been completely empty for 20 years. 20 years! It is such a shock to our systems most of us can't find the words to even describe the feelings we have about this.
It's like grieving for someone but knowing you have to go on for the "sake of the kids". Because of course we still have the older babies and children to care for and we have tried to keep life normal for their sakes.
So here are some of the goings on around here in the last few weeks:
Mom turned 62!
We had no money for cake so we used the donated Donuts from Rich's and it turned out really well!
Thank you Joanna for all the hard work!
The pool is being used regularly

This little one just adores the water

Smiling now but you should hear the yells
when it's time to get out!
Our current group of volunteers are extraordinary in their positive attitudes and enthusiastic hearts! We are so grateful to them for keeping up morale!
Our Preschoolers had a Sportsday and boy did they have FUN!
All the Fledgies and Grubs were invited to come watch

And then they even had a race of their own!

What JOY!

A motorbike race!

Even our CP Princess got to compete!

Life on the Farm continues to show results and I am now proficient at milking cows and producing butter (which is delicious!). We have had two more calves this month, both boys unfortunately but their mommies are now going to be able to add to our milk supply which is great :-)
This is "October 1" and I don't have a picture of "October 2" but he is black and beautiful :-)

 Christmas is around the corner so we are preparing for the craziness and busy times ahead. We always receive so many visitors in the run up to Christmas we hope this year will be filled with blessings.

We love you all