Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby steps...

Hello Friends

(Before the real post today ... I just want to send all my heartfelt love and sincere regrets to the familes and volunteers who were expecting to see me in Denmark and Germany. There was just too much TLC Life going on around here and without Mom and Zoe it would not have been responsible of me to leave. One of our older children is likely to be placed any day and I really need to be here to make sure she has proper closure and the best possible start to life with her forever family.)


When life is just too much ... you know when Doctor's visits, teachers meetings, letter writing and keeping house all start to blur into one sleepless, seamless circus of a life is what you should do:

First:  Stand up and stand still ... just for a little while - to get your balance, you know!

Then:  Look ahead for some direction. Decide where you want to be, take a deep breath and put one foot forward. Remember those around you who are rooting for your success.

Finally and most importantly: DON'T sit on your bum! Lift that other foot and put it forward too! And before you know it you are cruising along and no one would be any the wiser about your initial fears and worries.

Every day  at TLC has moments in it to learn from. Here are some of my favourite lessons:
This week we remembered little Siyanda's passing.
The lesson was to stay focused on The Love of Christ. Something I believe she knew while she was with us and something we get to experience and participate in every day.

Take time to enjoy the cuddles. Sincere affection and a gentle touch can brighten the mood of even the crankiest of people.

Sometimes you should just go for a drive. See the world for what God made it, not simply distance to travel.

Read a book. A whole new life can be lived between the covers of a good book and when you're done you have lessons for your own life.

Put bubbles in your bath!
 It's ok to love yourself and if bubbles make you happy ... Why Not?



There are days when you just need to take that first step and before you know it .. you're not walking but dancing :-)

We Love You All


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello friends

So it is simply a disgrace - I know! almost a month between posts is simply NOT OK!!!
The world has conspired to make it impossible to blog ... really ... it has!
But instead of regaling you with all the little dramas in our lives I will select just a few to give you the general picture :-)

In the last few weeks we have spent 3 out of 3 weekends at the hospital because of injuries to our rugby playing teenagers! Crispin was first to have a go.
He was caught by a knee while he was getting up and his jaw was broken on both sides - he has ended up with 3 plates and his mouth wired shut for 6 weeks!
After Crispin it was Joshua who had a broken nose one week and torn ligaments in his knee the next!
Oi! I can feel the grey hairs creeping up!

Between all of this here are some of the highlights!
Our long awaited fire escape is complete!

As always we are assisting a few families with food. Ths is Tryphina with her daughter, Mbali and son Kwanele. The baby is her oldest son's daughter and is now 8 months old.

The wall between the 2 properties is now down and it has made a fantastic difference to both sides!

Theresa hitching a ride as the tractor drags the old wall away.

In between all this we had EASTER OFCOURSE! It was a new experience for us all being seperated into the 2 houses. We each had our own hunt and then came together for a braai to celebrate Easter and the 19th Birthday of Joshua and Reuel (19! Can you believe it?)

Easter Egg hunting!

Finding eggs for BIG Kids

Comparing eggs!

The schools were closed over Easter. Just before the holiday began we had to attend several parent's evenings. At one of these I was very proud to learn that Matthew was elected as a school leader (prefect) along with his best friend (Muriel) on the right and one of our local babies (Emma) on his left!

Mighty and Similo were sponsored to attend their first away from home camp! They were super excited and had a wonderful time.

Packed and ready to go!
On the Merry go round with Joshua!
When we collected them from the meeting place, we went early so the kids could play in the park for awhile.

And the one thing that never stops is the nursery! All our babies are doing well and our volunteers have been re-energised since their weekend away. Whilst our numbers are still down we are hopeful that we can review this soon.
Finally, with regards to the feedback on the cars. Thank you to everyone who gave us their helpful feedback. We are looking in to an option for all our vehicles and I will let you all know what develops.

I have to go fetch the kids from school now but things may be a little hectic again for a month as Mom and Zoe have to go to England on a family emergency (my cousin is in a desperate predicament) and I travel to Denmark and Germany at the end of the month for 2 weeks. SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME.