Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A more up than down weekend

Hello Friends

The last week was just a busy and frenzied time - not that unusual by TLC standards, I guess.

The down part: Firstly our darling Sue, in the office lost her mother-in-law to be very suddenly. There are no good words to minimise the shock and hurt this sort of loss brings.
Then we got news that Similo and Nadia's uncle passed away suddenly. I am so full of sorrow for their mommy as I know that she was closest to him and now she will be carrying an extra nugget of grief that she really could do without.

Finally, one of our goats got ill and prematurely delivered a set of twins. Sadly neither kid was sufficiently developed to survive but the mommy is doing ok now, thank goodness.

The happier parts were related to several visitors who popped in. We were thrilled to have a visit from the Jeschke Family from Stuttgart with their daughters Marula (previously Eva) and Juanita - their newest addition.

We also had a marvellous send off for Solly and Lebo who are finally Swiss citizens! It was a lovely buffet party where we all got to spend time together and just relax and enjoy the company.

It always leaves us with such a contented feeling to spend time watching these families and seeing how well God has managed everything :-)

We were blessed to celebrate Brendon's 16th Birthday and even more blessed to have a small amount of money to use on repainting and decorating his little bedroom, which had over time come to resemble much more of a "cell" than any teenager would like!
Our wonderful volunteer Joshua managed the project and did a superb job! Brendon was the happiest boy at TLC that day!

This little project really reminded me what a difference it can make in a life when you have a little piece of beauty to call your own.
Theresa's birthday is coming up and I would love to decorate her room with some pretty goodies and a nice bedcover. If anyone would like to help me do that please conside sending the money via our online button and reference it: THERESA

Finally, we have decided NOT to do a big TLC party for Heritage Day this year. There are so many things that are happening on that day and so we are looking at postponing our celebration to coincide with Mommy Thea's Birthday instead :-) We'll keep you posted about what's what as we go forward.

We Love You All

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A South African "Snow day"

Hello Friends

Well first of all a BIG Thank you to everyone who read and read and read on our behalf :-)
Nobody who replied could find the "express prohibition" of post placement contact in the Hague Guidelines and all say the overwhelming feeling in the document is one of support for open contact and respect for the child's origins. It will therefore remain TLC's policy to embrace our families and continue to be the link to their past in a way that only we can ~ we hope you all continue to feel the overwhelming love and support from your TLC family and we want you to remember you are always welcome and invited to contact and visit us!

Beating Heart, ;)

It's been a strange "non-week" here. Lots of little things going on like visits from good friends, volunteers coming and going, meetings and letter writing etc.

The bits that stand out are: Using our own cream to make our first batch of TLC Butter, grating soap bars to make our very own laundry detergent (which we hope will save us a lot of money by not having to buy) and of course the "SNOW DAY" yesterday :-)

SNOW is a big deal in Johannesburg and even the lightest dusting brings things to a standstill :-)
Yesterday we got enough to make a few snowballs and feel the icy burn of holding snow in bare hands. Here are a few pictures - I'm afraid the kids were at school while it snowed so I couldn't get any pics of them in it as it melted so fast.

The willow tree behind the swimming pool,
Sasko loving the cold weather and camoflauge!

 The Parkhome and chapel.
Beautiful garden ;-)
 Tommy and Ellen attempting snowball fights, Benji watching with glee.

Dominique runs into the fray! 

Well, I have to go now. The call of duty you know!

We Love You All