Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not the best week.

Good Morning Friends.

The week started of pretty badly. Firstly I was heartsore over my little Similo and Nadia's move to fostercare with someone else. It is just never the best for a child to be in such a tenuous placement and it grieved me greatly that I could not be their constant. Similo had his own place in my little family and now there is this gaping hole. My kids are distressed and poor Mighty (who was best friends with Similo) is just pining away, it breaks me. 
Mighty Christian - my beloved son!

Then the whole spider bite saga took me out of action for days. The antibiotics were so strong and the whole week I spent just feeling physically and emotionally gross.


So I am resolved to begin fresh. I need to get my mind back in order and sort myself out - being unproductive makes me grumpy!

Pray for us friends, the burdens are great here. So many people each having their own needs and only a few they look to for satisfaction of those needs makes things though.

Bless all of you who have been working so hard behind the scenes to raise a little bit of money here and there - it is all helping and we are so grateful.

We love you all

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanks and see you later

Hi friends

So thank you so much to those who responded so quickly to my request yesterday. I am afraid the situation has resolved itself and so I have taken off the appeal.

I am not well due to a spider bite that has gone septic. Saw the Dr today, so now I am sore, doped up and going to sleep for two days:-)

Love you all

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frustration and Celebration!

My Friends

I know so many of you have been following our financial saga over the last months and so you will all know how many of our hopes were pinned on receiving our lotto funding and our outstanding government grants. Well I'm afraid we are once again sitting frustrated and upset.

We have been informed that our lotto application for 2009 has been declined. We waited 13months for an answer, went through all the hurdles to the very last one, did what we were told to to make ourselves "acceptable" and then were rejected. They have given us 90 days to appeal, which we will, but I don't know if they will even consider it now that the call for new applications has closed. All this while places like ours are closing down daily and they sit on R5.9 Billion rand of charity money not dispursed! It makes me so sick.
No regard given to our 18 years of experience, our track record and our daily work to maintain our integrity and quality for the sake of South Africa's babies.

Anyway, we will lodge an appeal and let you know.

The celebration part is that TOMORROW TLC and JOSHUA and REUEL turn 18 YEARS OLD!

Hip Hip Hooray! It is such an amazing thing to look back over 18years and know that we are still standing :-)

 Thank you to every person who has
ever given us of their time, talents,
resources and prayers.

Where would we be
 today without you!

We Love you all