Monday, August 19, 2013






Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hello Friends

What a blessing you all are in my life! I had no idea how many people STILL regularly check for updates on my blog  ~ despite my long silence!
Thank you I am truly honoured!

So here is the week in review :-)

Zoe the "LUCKY BUM" has been sending us Pictures from FRANCE!

She was blessed to be able to go visit Anne's home in Bordeaux and it looks like they have had an amazing time! Of course we miss her DAILY! but we are very pleased that she and Anne have had such a well deserved rest.

We have been thrilled to have Reuel home from Europe for a short visit before he starts Uni in September. He has filled out and is looking so very well, all the TLC he is getting from our friends overseas obviously agree with him. Here he is with my Uncle Berend :-)
As you know it is winter here (I know I can hear everyone saying "Duh!" )
Here are just 2 pics I had to show you ...

One of my Mom's cats :-)

He was so enjoying his doze on her bed that he was making these long rumbley purrs and had his paws folded across his chest as if giving himself a hug :-)
It was such a lovely exhibition of complete contentment.

This is a view of our Memorial Garden where our babies and loved ones who have Passed are remembered.
On this particular Frosty morning there was an area where the sprinkler had been left and all the bits of the Garden that got wet froze over.
It meant the fence had icicles, the grass were like frozen Stalagmites and there was one tree that had half in the sun and the other half in the shade - that half was covered in icicles. It was quite beautiful. 
Over the weekend I took my kids to Kwazulu-Natal to visit Similo and Nadia's birthmother.
Many of you will remember the story of how we got her home. For those of you that don't :-) have a look through the past blogs to catch up :-)  
She is doing so well and was over the moon to have us visit her again.
The drive to this area takes us about 5 hours and so to do it in one day is a VERY BIG ASK. So this time around we decided to stay overnight at Oban Guest farm a wonderful, tranquil and comfortable place for a group like mine :-)
The kids enjoyed it so very much and we are keen to go more often now that we know we would be welcome there :-)
It is situated in a valley and has plenty of space to explore and adventure. It has familiar farm animals and a handful of friendly dogs. It feels a lot like home :-)
We had an altogether lovely time and we thrilled to be able to spend the weekend in such a special place. 
Here are my treasures ... all on a log :-)
And finally some of the BEST NEWS!!!
We are once again FULL to capacity in our Nursery!
Our relationship with Wandisa has worked out so well and we are placing babies both locally and internationally smoothly and efficiently.

Our Nest is FULL!
And a special THANK YOU to all those who sponsor a cot for TLC!
It is making a marked difference to the way we run and we are BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED by the support of so many of our friends.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't be afraid of the dark ... remember your never alone ...

Hello Friends!

What can one say after so many months of silence?
"I am so sorry" doesn't quite cut it!

I can only say that I have been to the pit!
I got lost somewhere in all the problems and issues of the last few years and
I could no longer care.

After reaching such a desolate place, my sister Joanna convinced me to seek some medical attention and I am happy to say that I am on my way back up the hill!

The title of this blog is from a favourite Lullaby of mine... the words go
"Don't be afraid of the Dark,
Remember you're never alone.
The Lord will surround you with angels of light,
His love will be with you all day and all night."

Truly, in my life I AM surrounded by His angels! My life is full of blessing and love and I am just so very happy to be able to see this Truth again!

I'm sorry you have missed a lot but ...
Here are some of the going's on in our life at TLC.

 Some of you will remember "Little Bea". Look at how she has grown!
She now speaks 3 languages fluently, plays tennis like a pro and is well, well, well! What miracles love can do!

TLC has been hard hit by crime again. This year 2 armed and terrifying incidents have necessitated us changing security companies and becoming actively involved in our community policing and sector policing. We have installed more lights, more locks and are raising funds for an internal fence to surround the volunteers cottages.

Our community support has grown this year and we are so grateful to so many.
Here is an example of the lovely cupcakes EVERY child gets now on their birthday thanks to the efforts of Leonie Swanepoel and her team from Lewensentrum church.

Our Faith is getting married!
Lionel and Faith are now engaged and we will be having a

Our Girls are all growing into beautiful young women!
We are so proud of each of them! They are a lovely "gang of girls"!

The consuming theme of my life for this year has been
"What are those kids up to NOW?"
Reason being the OLD "New Farm" house is being renovated.
Mike Buchanan, our most amazing builder, has managed to transform the two disjointed houses we bought into one incredible, cathedral like, family home!
It is marvellous, miraculous and ...
complete mayhem!
My kids are constantly covered in dust, we have been eating on paper plates FOREVER it seems and THAT ONE THING I am looking for ALWAYS seems to be packed in a box at the far corner of ALL THE OTHER boxes and underneath a mountain of debris!

Despite the chaos - we are all SO EXCITED to finally be seeing a near finished product.
who have sent all the money to reroof and renovate our home!
You are all invited to come and see!
We should be done in one more month!
Just kidding :-)
SO I PROMISE I  will be writing more often now!
In the meantime, if you don't already know about our
21st Birthday TREE initiative
 and if there is a special TLC someone you would like to plant a tree for
just let us know!
Good bye for now